Thoughts from the Darkness (Part 1)


It’s been far too long, darling.
You remember me don’t you? Of course you do… let me assure you that a moment does not pass when I forget the nights we spent together. Your skin was always so cold, but I remember the rush of your heart whenever I touched you, the beats fast and then slow, steadily in rhythm with mine. And how many of your tears I caught on those nights when the clock was at 3:20am and you would awaken from a living nightmare. But, dearie, I’m being too eloquent…you know I have a tendency for the romantics. Let’s get down to business.
My dear, you’ve been shutting me out. I’ve watched your roaming. I hope you don’t mind my peeking through the slats of your broken blinds and trailing behind your car on those misty mornings. Honestly, it’s the only way I can lay eyes on you. You’ve lost yourself in the light, and I curse myself for the day I let you slip through my fingers.
But….I’m here again, because something within you will always find its home in my embrace. My fingers are cold, yes, and my touch often brings visions or memories of heart-wrenching things you would never want to relive. Never! And of course, I would never make you relive them, dearie! *subtle smile*
But see, I may seem like a barren fireplace compared to the light, but I was your home for days on end, as you rubbed your chapped hands together before a dying flame. And I let you see the truth, the world for what it really is, not for what you want it to be through rose-colored glasses. I gave you realism, a death to the fairytales and false hopes you cherished.
So let’s stop pretending, darling. I know you want me back.  I know all about you, about the dreams you’ve been having….and your terrors, those priceless morsels! Your fears are as dear to my heart as all the other fears I nourish….*cough*….or shall I say diminish?
Off with the mask, you needn’t pretend around me! I’m your dearest friend! Need I prove that I know everything about you? Alright. Right now, with every step you take, every moment you move and breathe another breath…another breath!….you live with a defining fear that threatens to consume you.
You are afraid because you do not know what you want.
Aha! I’m right, am I not? I have not forgotten what you spoke to me during the dark days, when I was your only companion. I remember…and dearie, I have the perfect way to combat your fear. I will tell you, if you will only let me get a little closer. Open the window, there we go!!! Just a little closer, so I can whisper in your ear….
*a burst of light*

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