I hear your ship is coming in,
Your tears a sea for me to swim.
I hear your storm is coming in, 
my dear is it all we’ve ever been? 

“Anchor,” Novo Amor 

dear someone,

tears are a gift,
letting go of pent-up
pain without leaving
any scars

waiting for relief
your soul touches the
car window streaming
with rain

the cold glass is like
a slap to the skin or
the harsh cement curb
outside the gas station.

tears are like hope

make room in your
numbness for them–
wait for them to come
under the shadow of 1am

suffer red eyes and
watermarked skin and
a heavy head that curves
itself to your pillowcase

thunderstorms with all the
noise and drowning,
somehow make space
for the cooling calm that follows

do not hold back from pain
like a child hesitating before
a puddle because in it she
can see her reflection

tears are like breathing again
after being trapped in a
suffocating glass cage on
a stage in the clouds

dear someone,

help yourself breathe
and do not fear grief
because it is messy, watery,
finally real.



Dakrophobia- the fear of crying from (http://phobia.wikia.com/wiki/Dakrophobia





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