A Letter to the Heartbreakers

Hi guys! So this is the surprise I had for you today….my article “A Letter to the Heartbreakers” was chosen to be featured on the blog “Heartbeat.” I am so excited because this is an answer to my prayers that God would help take my writing to “the next level.” Maybe this is the next step. 🙂 I am thanking him today, and also thanking you for following me and caring about my writing. It means the world to me and I hope you enjoy this post. ❤

The Fickle Heartbeat


Shared by Brookie.

This is a message to you. Yes you, the one who walked away from the relationship, the one who broke the lady’s heart, the one who left the man standing alone throwing stones at a closed window. This is a message to the heartbreakers, from a girl who broke someone’s heart.

Now let me get this straight. I’m not talking to cheaters, players, or those apathetic types who don’t give a chalky candy heart what happened in the relationship. This is for the ones who did care, but for one reason or another chose to leave.

This is for the ones who the rest of the world hates. In their eyes, you ended the fairy tale by tearing out the page that says “happily ever after”. The Taylor Swifts will rant about you, saying they “knew you were trouble”, while the Gotyes will wonder why…

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