Eulogy in Rain

Eulogy in RainMy fiddlings with haiku–not perfect but I hope you still enjoy. This is for any person who has lost someone they love…. if you listen through the silence, can you hear them when it rains?

Silence after rain.
Sparrow’s song, flit and flither,
Scattering to trees.

Silence after wind.
Damp feathers and feet trail
Through sidewalk puddles.

Silence and stillness.
Water between my toes and
Drops on my ankles.

Silence and coldness.
Air swirls away my eyes’ rain
Blinds me with my hair.

Silence and warm breeze.
Dry then wet, my steps move on
Wet hem against skin.

Silence and sunshine.
The painted road glows like glass.
One last puddle splash.

Silence and silence.
Sparrows scatter, and gray clouds
Murder the white wisps.

Silence and “again”.
Clouds dance through my lifted eyes
Dark, hazel, blue, gray.

Silence and drizzle.
Palms up, I catch the first tears
Drip-drop on my skin.

Silence and rainfall.
Colors of water, laughter
And drops on my tongue.

Listen to silence.
Listen…can you hear me now?
Feel the sun between showers,
Splash the street puddles,
Let my tears grace your ankles,
Listen, the wind stirs,
Can you feel me in silence?
Listen, remember
Though I’m gone faraway now,
My heart beats for you
Like the passage of rain.

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